How to grow thick eyelashes naturally?


Everyone loves to have longer and healthy eyelashes and why not theses glossy and long eye lashes look so beautiful and enhance the beauty of your eyes.


By applying regular eye make up your eye lashes become dull, weak and rough. So, pay special attention towards this beauty element of your face. There are many small and easily available tips that you can adopt to enlarge your eye lashes naturally.

long-thick-eyelashes                         thick eyelashes

By picking any other way to enhance eyelashes, first of all take care of eye’s cleanliness and check that whether your eyelashes are suffering from dandruff or not. It can damage your eye asset. Then have a look on your diet, healthy diet helps your eyelashes. Food with rich in vitamins (vitamin C, E, H) and protein can help you a lot. Fish, eggs, beans and yogurt are also good food sources for your eyelashes.


Along with diet, you also can have some tips. Apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your fingers and softly apply on your eyelashes from root to tip and leave them for overnight. You can repeat the process at least two weeks for noticeable results.

Almond oil and castor are also two best tonics to have large, thick, dark and glossy eyelashes.




longer eyelashes

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