The Eiffel Tower (France)


The Eiffel Tower France is signature of the country. This is an iron lattice tower featuring a height of approximate 1063 feet. It is located in the city of fragrances, Paris, France.

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The Eiffel Tower named on the Alexandre Eiffel, whose company designed this memorable monument. Eiffel’s junior employes Morris Koechlin and Emile’ Nouguier originally made the structure of the tower who served his company Des Etablissements Eiffel. The tower cost £260,000 and most of the money put by Alexandre Eiffel in collaboration with France government.

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The great Eiffel tower has been the tallest man made monument for almost four decades. And it was first launched on 1889 Exposition Universeller on World’s fair. It was Eiffel’s company who got the contract of the tower after competing with many builders company.

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The tower is 324 meter high like a 100 story building. It is the highest visited and paid monument in Paris and the second one in France. For visitors it has divided into three levels. First 189 feet, second 380 feet and the third one feature a 906 feet, third level approaches only by lifts. The Eiffel tower is a symbol of attraction for visitors and many films and movies has captured in its view.

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The Eiffel Tower

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