10 best free themes for wordpress websites

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Developing a blog or website is not the last stop to start your online business but in the modern and fast era visitors like appealing and user-friendly interface. The internet world is equipped with millions of WordPress themes (free and premium) that can add colors and give your site a fresh look. You can think what a theme can do to appeal people? So the reason is that a theme basically is use to decorate and to enhance the design of a website. Visitors do not like plain and bore website they like colors, fresh layout and designing. That is why we use themes and that is the purpose to use a theme.

WordPress no doubt is an unbeatable platform to develop an innovative and featured-rich website with incredible and built-in widgets and plugins so make a detail search on wordpress themes for your website. There are thousands of wordpress themes are available on internet that are free of cost you need only to install that. And your lavish, colorful and stylish website is ready.

Today I am sharing top 10 inspiring, stylish and modern free themes for a wordpress website. So have a look.

wordpress themes


1: Pronto Masonry

Pronto Masonry is a wordpress theme and the perfect choice for a tourism and sport website with inspiring style and innovative features. The theme can also be used for iphones and mobiles. The theme comes up with rich and stylish design with inspiring user-friendly features.  Left side of the theme comes up with categories, tags bar and the main space holds all the grids of posts. Download the Pronto Masonry theme.

pronto masonry wordpress theme


2: Openstrap

Openstrap is another and most downloaded theme for wordpress based websites. The theme provides you many options with a clean and sleek look. You have different options for menu, many widget options and several customization options. The theme is responsive for website of tourism. This awesome theme is designed by Pavan SolpureDownload the Openstrap theme.

Openstrap wordpress theme


3: Eclipse

Eclipse is a fantastic wordpress theme, and looks great on sci-fi and video based websites. The theme is also responsive for mobile phones and Andriod devices. Eclipse is designed by Cyber Chimpse. The theme comes up with drag-drop option including latest posts view,   portfolio section, responsive feature slider option and some others. Download the Eclipse theme.

Eclipse wordpress theme


 4: Splendio

Splendio is an inspiring and fresh colored theme for wordpress website and is a free treat. The theme is equipped with all features and option that you need. The theme is great for magazine type website. Theme is unique because of sliding post display. Footer section comes up with different widget bars. The theme is created by Design Disease. Download the Splendio theme.

Splendio wordpress theme


5: Yoko

Yoko is an eye catching and fresh theme of offered by wordpress. The theme provides you many user-friendly options to optimize you website the way you want including choice of theme background, header images, also you have link color option. It supports different post formats and also has custom menu bar in the header. The theme is designed by Elmastudio. Download the Yoko theme.

Yoko wordpress theme


6: Mixfolio

Mixfolio is another inspiring theme for wordpress website. The theme is colorful and suitable for photography or a magazine website. The stacked icons style makes it quite user- friendly. The theme is search engine optimized. The theme facilitates you with color adjustment option, welcome note space and many other powerful features. Mixfolio is created by Graph Paper Press. Download the Mixfolio theme.

Mixfolio wordpress theme


7: The Pinboard

The Pinboard is among the best wordpress theme that comes up with unique and easy-view style. The theme follows a scrapbook view so that you can quickly go to your favorite icon. You just need to download it without paying any fee. The theme offers you many customize features. You can resize your post or replace the main sidebar. If you run photography or a video website then go for it. The theme is created by Daniel. Download the Pinboard theme.


The Pinboard wordpress theme

8: Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is one of the simple and elegant wordpress theme. The pink-lilac color pays a soothing effect. It features custom menu and background. The theme is appealing and you can add style in your website by using this wordpress theme. Cherry Blossom theme is free of cost. The theme is creativity of Till Kruss. Download Cherry Blosson theme.

Cherry Blossom wordpress theme


9: Easy WordPress Theme

Easy WordPress Theme is also very responsive and user-friendly wordpress theme. The theme follows a simple but stylish interface. Left side holds the recent post and article and on the right side a sidebar gives you a glimpse of recent posts that help visitors. Also it has easy menu and categories option. You can use this theme for many websites like article based website or news website. This theme is designed by d5Creation. Download Easy wordpress theme.

Easy WordPress Theme


10: Respo

Respo is another free wordpress theme, suitable for your own commercial website or looks great with magazine websites. Respo facilitates you with many innovative features including custom menu, widget sections, header, footer, sidebar tabs and others. The theme is a minimalist style designed with great options. Download Respo theme.

Respo WordPress Theme


It’s not the end there are so many more themes are available for a website that can make it more appealing and stylish and oen of the keys to attract visitors. I have just discussed 10 of them. If you know any other innovative and inspiring theme then share with me and do not forget to comment.

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