How to plan your New Year schedule for 2014

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The New Year celebrations are in full swing. Everyone is planning to celebrate this year in a memorable way. This occasion brings a happy feeling and passion to make better life planning. We should must celebrate New Year in a unique way by cutting cake, sharing chocolates, having dinner parties.

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Along with all these activities we should once think about what we earned in the past year; your loses and earnings. Also on this event everyone should get some time to plan out prior commitments and schedules for future so that you could start your new journey in a well planned and ordered way to reduce stress and tension.


Write down your prior commitments on a notepad and list down all important events in the upcoming months like birthday, wedding, meeting etc. Also make a list of your habits and take an analysis that what bad habits you should change in your personality. Where you make wrong deeds there also something happens good in life because ups and downs are the part of our life.

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  • List down your mistakes you made in the past years and try to not repeat the history again.
  • Write about your experiences and lessons what you learnt from mistakes.
  • You also can make a photo album to capture all your unforgettable events and people in it.
  • List down your memorable events that you enjoyed with your family and loved ones.
  • Name those persons that brought a pleasant change in your life.


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It’s up to you how you plan your life for next year and if you have some special plan do not forget to share it with us via comments.

Celebration of happy new year 2014

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