10 Black Celebs You Probably Didn’t Know Were Vegan

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Veganism, a diet that consists of zero animal products, is everywhere lately. Vegan cookbooks and products are sprouting up all over and even Ben & Jerry’s recently introduced vegan ice cream. Plus, more and more celebs are coming forward as proud vegans. 

Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons has followed the diet for 18 years and credits it as the reason behind his great health and feeling good. And he’s not alone: Mike Tyson and Venus Williams enjoy the completely meat-free and dairy-free diet, too. 

Check out this list of famous black vegans — some of these may surprise you. 

  • Russell Simmons
    Scott Gries/Invision/AP
    The hip-hop mogul hasbeen vegan for nearly two decadesand recently wrote a book on the subject titledThe Happy Vegan.
  • Erykah Badu
    Jason Merritt/BET via Getty Images
    The music legend has beenopen for years about her commitment to living a holistic lifestyle and vegan eating.
  • Waka Flocka Flame
    The Atlanta rapper recently turned to a vegan diet to help him lose weight.
  • Venus Williams
    Desiree Navarro via Getty Images
    The pro-tennis player went vegan shortly after she was diagnosed withSjgren’s syndrome, anautoimmune disorder .
  • Mike Tyson
    Andy Kropa /Invision/AP
    The former boxerclaims he lost over 100 pounds after becoming a vegan.
  • RZA
    Jason LaVeris via Getty Images
    Theopenly vegan Wu Tang member said in a video for PETA that he refuses to eat a “dead animal.”
  • Raury
    The singer-songwriter was recently in a hilarious vegan cooking video with fellow Atlanta native, Waka Flocka Flame, where he praisedthe benefits of a vegan diet.
  • Chaka Khan
    Franziska Krug via Getty Images
    The R&B legend credits her 60-pound weight loss to a strictly vegan diet.
  • Prince
    Jeff Kravitz/AMA2015 via Getty Images
    The music icon is a strict vegan and was even voted “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” by PETA in 2006.
  • Kimberly Elise
    Paul Archuleta via Getty Images
    The actress told PETA she was vegetarian for 10 years before she decided to take on the “full vegan” lifestyle.

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