Limbless Cheerleader Who Dances To Feel Free Is An Absolute Hero

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Take a moment out of your day and think about how different your life would be had you been born without arms or legs.

You wouldn’t be able to do half the things you do now without changing up how you get it done, if you even can. Not even that knowledge can bother Gabe!

Instead he chose to teach himself how to dance over time, and ever since joining a dance team at his school has gone viral. In an interview with KSL Gabe stated:

I got into dancing because I wanted to prove to myself and other people around me that there was more to me than the kid that was in the wheelchair or the kid who didnt have an extra activity to do and stuff like that.

I love the feeling that I get from (dancing). I can be free and be who I am and express my emotions and feelings through it all and come out as a completely different person after the performance.

Check out his incredible skills below, but I can promise if you’re not a good dancer already, you’re about to want to practice!

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