One viral selfie asks: Which one is the mom?

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Which one of these lovely young ladies is the mother?

When your mom thinks it’s a #whosthemom ?

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And without realizing it, 16-year-old Kaylan Mahomes’s selfie of her mom and twin sister Kyla caught fire across Twitter with ferocity that immediately recalled last year’s infamous, paramountdress. Though the original was posted Jan. 28, it spread like wildfire across the Web Friday, becoming a surging Moment on Twitter in the late afternoon.

Mahomes could not immediately be reached for comment.

The car selfie’s success can point to a profile-boosting hashtag for its wildfire reach. As CNN points out, “users have shared it along with the hashtag #blackdontcrack, an expression that refers to African-Americans whose smooth skin makes them look younger than their age.”

Oh, and the mother, 35-year-old Tina, is posing for the selfie on the left. I know, right?

Photo via Kaylan Mahomes/Twitter

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