Rapper Paid ‘Sallie Mae Back’ And Made A Viral Song To Celebrate

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The ever persistent devil Sallie Mae is probably the bane of countless college graduates existence. So when New Orleans rapper Dee-1 was finally able to cut ties with the loan provider by paying off his debt, he celebrated with a hot 16 and music video titled, “Sallie Mae Back.”

Dee-1 boasts in the hook, “I finished paying Sally Mae back!” He raps about how much of a burden his loans were and how hard he had to hustle to make a dent in paying it back. 

The Louisiana State University graduate made the minimum payment on his Sallie Mae loans some months and eventually paid his student loans back completely after signing his record deal, according to the video.

“People typically go and buy new cars, jewelry, a small range of things,” he told The Grio. “I asked, ‘How can I put this money to good use?'”

The joyfully hilarious video has more than 1 million views on Facebook. Sallie Mae even commented on Dee-1’s video to congratulate him.

Sallie Mae congratulated Dee-1 for paying off his student loans.

With college graduates in the United States owing about $1.2 trillion in student loan debt it’s refreshing, and motivating, to hear a song about throwing the deuces to debt.

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