Taylor Swift Did The Most Amazing Thing For A Boy With Autism

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Taylor Swift is well-known for her altruism. Shes paid fans student loan debts in the past, and she’sspent holidays with some of hermost dedicated Swifties.

Most recently, Taylordonated $10,000 to a child in need.

About a month ago, Allison Duhon Hill started a GoFundMe page to raise money to buya service dog for her 5-year-old son, Jacob.

Jacob, who has autism, was recently accepted into Autism Service Dogs of Americas service dog program, which would pair him with a therapy dog trained to cater to his specific needs. Jacobs nana, Susan Garcia, explains,

Jacobs service dog will protect him from running off and will be able to relieve his anxiety by applying deep pressure upon command. An added blessing is the companionship that the dog will provide Jacob, who struggles to make connections with other people.

With the entire two-year training process costing $13,500, Jacobs family turned to the Internet for help. Two of the boy’scousins even recorded a cover of Taylor Swifts Blank Space, with lyrics changed to request donations for Jacobs cause.

Naturally, Swift got wind of the silly video, which led her to Jacobs GoFundMe page. In true Taylor fashion, she didnt hesitate to help out, donating a whopping $10,000 with her mother, Andrea.

The charitable duo wrote,

Jacob, we hope you love your new dog! Please tell your cousins that they did a great job on the song! Love, Taylor and Andrea.

Thanks to the Swifts incredibly generous donation, the Hill family surpassed their goal.

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