This Floor-Cleaning Cat Is The Purr-fect Housemate

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Cats sometimes get a bad reputation for being lazy. Not this one.

The feline likes to help out around its owner’s home by cleaning the floor.

Video posted online shows the kitty pushing a towel back and forth across floorboards.

It then meows as if to say it’s a job well done, before walking away.

It’s unclear exactly when or where in Japan the clip was filmed, but it’s going viral this week.

Some viewers speculate the cat may just have been padding the towel, and it was coincidence the rag ended up being pushed around the floor.

The feline has some way to go before it reaches dog-like levels of helpfulness, however.

This pup knows to wipe the mud from its paws before entering the house, while this clever mutt can bring over an ice cold beer whenever it’s needed.

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