You Probably Wish You Spent Valentine’s Day Like This Dude Did

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This guy’s Valentine’s Day date was super cheesy, and he was completely cool with that. 

Sonny Sweat, a 27-year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio, spent the romantic holiday with his cutie (pizza) pie. Yep, the romantic ordered a heart-shaped pie from a local restaurant and surrounded himself with all-things pizza. 

The 27-year-old’s friend Miles Tracy posted a photo of Sweat enjoying his special day on Reddit, where it went bananas, probably because most people were really jealous they didn’t spend Valentine’s Day with the cheesy stuff. 

Sweat — who was also pictured with a pizza-themed sweatshirt, phone case, as well as cheesy close-up photos and pillows — told The Huffington Post that he knew he wouldn’t be spending the holiday with a human. So he had a better idea:

“I figured I’d kind of make a little fun out of it and spend it with the thing that never lets me down — pizza.”

Sweat already owned a ton of pizza gear so all he needed to do before the big date was print out some photos of his boo thang and frame the pictures. Though he went for the “lonely” look in the viral photo for laughs, he says he had an amazing time.  

“I would say, so far, it was the best Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t worried about letting anyone down with a crappy gift, it was all about just genuine, true love, which what Valentine’s Day represents,” he said 

And don’t you worry. Sweat’s relationship with pizza isn’t a fleeting one. He plans on treasuring his significant other for years to come. 

“I will continue to honor it, not only next year, but the rest of my life!”

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