Adorable Girl channeling Aretha Franklin!

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Sometimes you just have to dance to your own tune.

Johanna Colon is 6-years-old but already she has developed her own style when it comes to performing on stage, and her particular dance moves – and sassy style – has lit up the internet in glorious fashion! This little girl has definitely got it! They are performing Aretha Franklins Respect at a recital in North Carolina, and little Johanna certainly earned major respect for providing one of the most entertaining recitals ever.

This girl had taken up dance at age 2, and now four years later she is in front of 400 people performing. She practiced constantly for this routine, frequently asking her mother to play the song at home so she could rehearse on her own. Needless to say it paid off as the audience fell in love with this little dancer, giving her a standing ovation, and now the internet is loving her dance moves and wildly sharing her sassy style with friends and family. Im sure we will see a lot more of this natural performer in the future!

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