Hundreds Pack Cookout For ‘Sad Papaw’ After Photo Goes Viral

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He’s not sad anymore!

Hundreds from all across the country gathered to share a meal on Saturday with the Internet’s adopted grandfather, Kenneth Harmon, a.k.a. “Sad Papaw.”

“It’s more like a movie than real life,” the glowing grandpa told News 9 as crowds packed the cookout in Dibble, Oklahoma.

The gathering came 10 days after Harmon’s granddaughter tweeted out a photo of him looking downcast while eating a burger.

As Kelsey Harmon told it, he had made 12 burgers that night for all six of his grandchildren. Only Kelsey, a student at Northeastern State University, showed up.

Once word spread about her “sad papaw,” so did plans to hold a massive, public cookout in his honor. This weekend, that plan finally came to fruition.

Kenneth Harmon, more famously known as “Sad Papaw,” posesfor photos during a cookout on Saturday.

“It’s kinda been hectic,” family member Rodney Harmon told local news station KFOR. “There are folks here from Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, California, Germany.”

Guests could buy a burger for $2; a T-shirt reading “I ate a burger with Sad Papaw” cost $16.

The money raised will go to cover the event’s expenses and anything left over will be used by Harmon however he sees fit, News 9 reported.

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