Kim Kardashian’s latest nude selfie is now a stunning street mural

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Kim Kardashianmay have dropped the mic with her latestnude selfie, but it looks like the rest of the world isnt quite done with it yet.

A larger-than-life mural of the selfie heard ’round the world appeared on a brick wall in the sleepy Melbourne suburb of Cremorne.


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Radio station 3AW learned of the mural when an upset local worker contacted them. The worker expressed concern that no one had been consulted before mural was painted. “It led to fierce debate,” the radio station reported, “as to whether it was empowering or degrading for women.

The mural, which is adjacent to a portrait of Donald Trump, seems more tongue-in-cheek than revolutionary. But it does make for a fun backdrop.

Is this the real life… @laureneshelley

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The artist behind the mural, lushsux, has been documenting his viral success on Instagram.


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According to the artist, Kardashian herself liked the mural on Instagram.


Well, thats certainly something to gram about.

H/T via Mashable | Photos via Kim Kardashian/Twitter and lushsux/Instagram

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