Moms Had A Beehive Hairdo Since 1965. Her New Look Made My Jaw Drop To The Floor

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What is it with old ladies and their beehive hairdos?

Some of these ladies have simply refused to chop off the hive and continue to sport the gigantic bees nest hair style in typical die hard fashion! Well enough is enough said Cindy and Christine, the daughters of a beehive hairdo mom. They watched as for years their mom would spend a total of four painstaking hours of building up her massive beehive every single week. The procedure would start at 5:30 in the morning every Wednesday. This has gone on for 37 years!

The daughters enlisted the help of Oprah and her professional stylists. They went to work and once and for all, chopped down that hive and styled it into a more modern look. Its about time! The results are indeed stunning, and the mom ends up looking decades younger without that ridiculous hive on her head!

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