Vile Anti-Muslim Graffiti Is Quickly Corrected With A Few Simple Brush Strokes

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A few simple brush strokes is all it took to transform vile anti-Muslim graffiti that appeared in Ireland following the Brussels terror attacks.

The message “All Muslims Are Scum” was daubed on a wall near the Croke Park sports stadium in Dublin after at least 31 people died when Islamic State suicide bombers hit the Belgian capital’s airport and a metro train on Tuesday.

Someone spotted the sickening note, and quickly amended it to read “All Muslims Are Sound.” “Sound” is a colloquial expression used in Ireland to describe someone who is genuine.

Irish journalist Brian Whelan, who is the deputy digital editor for Channel 4 News, posted before and after images (above) of the graffiti to Twitter on Friday. They are now going viral.

Fazel Ryklief, from the Islamic Foundation of Ireland, told the Irish Independent “maybe that is the way to treat things.”

Instead of getting angry and annoyed, just change it. Putting it aside is perhaps better than making a big deal of these things,” he said. “It brings a little smile to know that someone has a sense of humor.”

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