Woman Suffers Stroke After A Normal Activity At Salon.. Shocking!

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Going to the hair salon is supposed to be a thing you do in order to feel better about yourself.

It certainly isnt a place to go where you would think you are at risk for something horrible health wise to occur. At worst, your haircut doesnt turn out exactly how you wanted. But oh well, thats life. But what happens when its not your hair, but your actually life that you have to worry about at a salon? Elizabeth Smith found herself in this exact situation at Blowbunny Salon in San Francisco. Rather than receiving a shampoo and styling, and being on her way, she instead was rushed to emergency.

At the hospital a CT scan revealed an artery in her neck was damaged, which in turn caused an actual stroke. And apparently this occurred from the hair wash at the salon sink.

It turns out this is not some freak incident, but rather common to doctors who have actually dubbed it Beauty Parlor Stroke. They key is proper chairs. Those that recline to a proper positioning, allowing the neck to comfortably rest on a lipped sink. These are absolutely necessary for avoiding this condition. Otherwise, one can easily succumb to the same stroke situation that Elizabeth went through.

Here she tells her story, the 8-month recovery process, and how to avoid this horrible situation when you go to salons.

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